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What is Search Engine Optimization ?


Search Engine Optimization builds an index, crawling your site, and giving users with ranked list of websites related to their queries. Search engine ranking is done in terms of quality of a site. The content in the site must be unique. You may visit to know more about working on SEO.

SEO should have the ability to provide you with analysis of your site. This analysis result allows the organization to offer how much work need to done to bring out the certain ranking.

 What tools does the SEO use? Competitive analysis should be done on your chosen keywords. Best results from SEO aren’t achieved overnight. Black hat SEO is the techniques to fool the search engine to bring more traffic to your site.

  Using the correct domain name is important to rank well for your site. It’s a good idea to use keywords in your domain name whenever possible

Content is the key here. The content should contain information related to your targeted keywords. Paragraph formatting for the content is important.

Give suitable heading tags, beginning with H1 heading to H6 tag for each of the paragraph on your site. Interlinking other pages with your web page content by the right anchor text. Creating a sitemap for users to find your site in HTML form and in XML form. Link building or backlinks is an off page SEO to build inbound links.


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