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Types of Stainless Steel Tubes and Their Use

Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and oxidation in low and high temperature because it contains chromium. This is what makes stainless steel different from mild steel or any other steel.

Although Stainless steel box (also known as “กล่องสแตนเลส ”  in thai language ) are not the cheapest option on the market, they have many benefits. Apart from being resistant to corrosion, which enables them to be useful in thin wall piping, they have low fluid friction properties and are easy to maintain, making them cost effective. They have been used in the construction of safe and long-lasting structures, like factories.

Different types of stainless steel tubes are made to withstand unique environments, with varying temperatures. Here are several types of such tubes:

  • Austenitic – ductile, non magnetic and good for welding. It’s used to make kitchen wares, large scale piping and containers.

  • Ferritic – same as austenitic, but a better resistant to corrosion. It is used in indoor gear, like washing machines.

It is mainly utilized in industries like paper pulp industries and shipbuilding industries.

  • Martensitic – contains 11-13% chromium, making it moderately resistant to corrosion. Additionally it is strong and has magnetic properties. It is used in creating turbines.  You can choose best valve kitz (also known as ” วาล์ว kitz ” in thai language ) via visting online websites

They are used in boilers.

  • Heat exchanger tubes – high pressure resistant. They’re also resistant to aggressive mediums like acids. They’re employed in many industries like chemical, fertilizers, petrochemical and so on.

They also have high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion properties. They’re used in chemical processes.

  • High-pressure tubes – mainly used in varying temperature conditions. They are employed in both condensers and boilers.

Stainless steel, which is integrated in tubes and pipes, has now become an essential part of the manufacturing sector. Stainless steel is used in manufacturing industries because of its high corrosion resistance, and it’s available in various sizes and diameters.

Today, steel pipes can also be utilised in art decoration. These pipes come in many forms, such as round, rectangular, square and oval, depending on the use.

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