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Side Effects Of Diabetes Medicine

Diabetes or more commonly called blood glucose is a disorder, as soon as your body fails to control blood glucose level due to the disturbance in the amount of insulin production.

Negative Effects of Diabetes Medicine

Metformin hydrochloride

This is also known as Glucophage XR and also the most widely used diabetes medication. The normal use of the medication may result in kidney issues. Tasigna atherosclerosis attorneys handling national Tasigna lawsuits help all such patients who have suffered after using certain medicines.

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Therefore, in case you’ve got a kidney issue then your physician should know this before prescribing the medication for diabetes. Larger amounts of the diabetes medication may also result in extended diarrhea.


Insulin is injected right into the blood vessels to instantly control the blood glucose level. It may be given through injections or even via insulin pumps. But the excess of the may cause weight gain since the glucose is directly provided to the cells.


It’s the first oral contraceptive medication that comes under the name of Amaryl, DiaBeta, Diabinese, Dymelor, Glucotrol, Glucotrol XL, Glynase PresTab, Micronase, Orinase, Tolinase. Patients carrying this diabetes medication can reveal side effects of hypoglycemia, an upset stomach, and weight reduction. Some may even develop skin itching or rash.


Byetta, a subcutaneous injection is a really recent development within the area of diabetes medications. In case you’ve chosen the meal and really near the meal you’ve taken Byetta you might suffer from stomach pain and nausea.

On the other hand, it may also result in constipation. One more thing which makes it more tolerable is its own nonperformance after just one or two decades of their usage.

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