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Renting a limousine for an event

Normally, limo renting costs from $50 to $300 for an hour, depending on the  car. The booking is done for minimum 3 hours. Lots of companies need a few hours to offer their best solutions possible, except for the regular airport services. If you want to make a grand entrance, renting a limo is a good idea. There are many online sites like that allow you to book or rent a limo online.

The majority of companies need at the least 2-3 hours prior booking. This happens due to large expenses and costs that are involved when securing or preserving the cars. Renting a car just for one hour is not very effective because of the time necessary for preparation and the salary of the driver.

Keep as the primary goal that the driver is in this industry just like another person (bartender or waiter). Even so, his role is even far more important. Thus in this situation, the normal tip is 15- 20% of the total price. Of course, you can always tip more if you think maybe your driver deserves it. You can find companies that include the tip from the total price of the solutions automatically.

When you are not using the limo you have rented (dinner bookings, sporting events, concerts, etc. ) you'll need to pay for the time you have rented even if you will not be there. It doesn't matter if you won't be using the car when you'll be at the concert, because the auto won't be available for some other service.

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