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Refrigerated Storage Container Hire

Refrigerated storage container hire means the leasing and purchasing of cold storage containers which can include;

  • Cold stores/containers
  • Blast freezers
  • Meat rail portable cold storage
  • Mobile bars
  • Pharmaceutical refrigeration

Other types of refrigerated containers are often referred to as reefers, and these are refrigerated shipping containers which are used for transporting frozen and chilled products and items; they are an important part of the “cold chain ". To know more about shipping container Melbourne for sale, you can visit 


Many of the refrigeration machines supplied with the containers are covered by factory warranties, and any unauthorized work may result in the loss of the warranty cover. Any consequence of lost or reduced warranty will be for the customer’s account.

If there is any damage to the container that excludes normal wear and tear, then this will be for the customer’s account, and under no circumstances should any modifications be made to the container or its machinery.

Refrigerated containers provide an excellent alternative to more costly purpose-built the walk in freezers and chill boxes. These types of containers are portable and can be delivered to almost any location depending on the road network.

They can operate and hold any temperature between minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit and plus 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature control is simple and is as easy as controlling the temperature of any household fridge.

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