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Knotting Your Own Pearl Bracelet

Making a pearl bracelet for yourself or as a gift is a fun, it is a simple task. Pearls come in all different colors, shapes & sizes, & selecting your own can be fun.

Choose what color pearls you need to make use of. You can try for a color to go with a specific dress, or possibly to match your persona or mood. All will look stunning, & can pull an outfit together.

Select the shape of your bracelet either classic spherical, oval bead-shaped or irregular baroque pearls. Again, mixing & matching is by no means prohibited!

Pick what size pearls you need. Tiny pearls will make a narrow bracelet, large ones a thicker band. You can graduate from tiny to large or alternate sizes for a more fascinating bracelet. You can also buy beautiful pearl bracelets at affordable prices through online stores such as

Freshwater pearls come in a variety of colors & are comparatively cheap. Buy a few more then you think you will need – a great way to check is to tie a string around your wrist, then laid the string flat & line up pearls along it. Add half a dozen or so for nice measure, & you ought to be set.

Spill your pearls out gently on a piece of soft cloth or chamois. In the event you have decided on a pattern, lay them out in the order they ought to be strung. Cut your thread about to times the length of your desired bracelet & knot finish to a clamshell. Tie another knot in the thread, snubbing it up close to the clamshell along together with your thumbnail.

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