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Heaven on Earth – Chiang Mai

When we talk about heaven on earth the first place come to our mind is Switzerland, which is really a beautiful place. But there is one other place which is really beautiful and full of natural sceneries and that is Chiang Mai in Thailand. Located in the Himalayan foothills Chiang Mai is the best place to visit in South East Asia.

Together with Buddhist temples and other historical sites to the majestic mountains, the handicrafts, the shopping finds, people, the food and bustling night life, Chiang Mai provides no dull moment for the adventurous and curious traveler.

While in Thailand, Chiang Mai is the type of place that will strike you as calm because a lot of the people aren’t rushing about as they do in other important cities across the world.

Now cheap tour Chiang Mai Zhangjiajie is available onเชียงใหม่-จางเจียเจี้ย-ฟ่งหวง-สะพานแก้ว-6-วัน-5-คืน (which is also known as “ทัวร์เชียงใหม่จางเจียเจี้ยเชียงใหม่-จางเจียเจี้ย-ฟ่งหวง-สะพานแก้ว-6-วัน-5-คืน” in Thai language).

Chiang Mai Tour

Actually, for men and women that see Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai provides respite as a spiritual sanctuary. Pilgrims visit one of the most revered temples of the Thais – the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. It’s in fact an amazing 14th century Buddhist architectural showcase. The temple has been erected in 1386 by King Keuna the Great.

There are several other lovely temples in Chiang Mai. It is possible to explore the earliest to the nearest and dearest, such as the Wat Suan Dok, which holds the ashes of Chiang Mai’s former Royal Family members.

You can book Chiang Mai tour Singapore on (which is also known as “เชียงใหม่ทัวร์สิงคโปร์” in Thai language).

You may see some of Thailand’s firsts – first bridge, first post office, and other interesting websites and get a whiff of those including lifestyles of the locals who dwelled on opposite sides of the river, and some historical places along the riverbanks.

Check out online travel resources for Thailand and you are bound to have a amazing experience you will have the ability to delightfully recount to your family and friends.

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