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Fire Protection in Aircraft Hangar

There are wide types of services available that come under the fire protection and following some of them can allow you to control the flame in the aircraft hangar. There are Different Types of spaces accessible hangar facilities which include:

  • Hangar Region
  • Warehouse Area
  • Building Utilities Area
  • Warehouse Area

It’s necessary to carefully analyze the space so that the designers may determine the demand for the overall space. Facets that You Have to recognize while designing the distances:

  • Identifying the sort of aircraft which will be populating the hangar.
  • Identifying the aircraft combination that will occupy the hangar.
  • Identifying the care functions of this aircraft which should be done in the center.
  • Estimating the type and the sum of shop place that’s necessary to perform the care functions.
  • just in case of warehouse space you also will need to ascertain the amount of shop area that is essential to support the maintenance effort.
  • Estimating a floor space that’s vital for the Office and Administration region.
  • Estimating the space on the floor that’s necessary for the Building Utility region. For more safety tips about Fire protection visit,



In the Event of the fire protection for Aircraft hangar you Can Take Advantage of the methods for example:

  • Over-head foam/ Water Sprinkler system
  • Foam Monitor system
  • Foam Hand Hose Line System
  • High Expansion Foam system

In the Event of the water programs you’ll find three Distinct Kinds of methods for example:

  • Closed-head Preaction
  • Standard Wet Pipe
  • Water hose reels
  • Deluge System

The major aim of the fire protection is to guarantee the safety of the property as well as the aircraft. Together side the sprinklers there are undoubtedly alternative methods whereby you’ll be able to make sure the safety of the aircraft. New technologies have now evolved to provide complete fire protection.

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