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All About Urologist Profession

An urologist is a type of medical doctor who provides specialized training and information in diagnosing and treating problems associated with the urinary tract in both men and women of all ages. He or she is also skilled at healing dysfunction in both men and women.

Due to the fact that this area of medicine encompasses various clinical conditions, a urologist have to have extensive knowledge of inner medicine, gynecology, pediatrics and a selection of other specialties. The word urology derives from a Greek word which means "the study of urine." Urology is thought to be a surgical subspecialty. Another name for a real doctor is a urological cosmetic surgeon. To learn more about urology, one can head to

Within the field of urology there are numerous of specialties that these doctors can tend to work in. According to the American Urological Association (AUA) you'll find eight areas of subspecialty.

-Pediatric urology

-Urologic oncology (tumors)

-Female urology

-Urinary area stones

-Male infertility


-Erectile inability (impotence)

-Renal transplantation

In order to become certified by the American Board of Urology the physician must fulfill both educational requirements together with specific examination ones. Those who would like to work in this specialty area of medicine must first graduate from an approved medical school.

The next step should be to complete a urology program that's been given the stamp of approval because of the Accreditation Council for Scholar Medical Education (ACGME). This program must be for no less than five years.

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